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I’ve always had massive respect for people like Ken Block, someone who started up his own company and took it global while having a lot of fun. Tony Hawk also fits in the list, amongst many others. They’re those entrepreneurs that inspire, a businessman first and an action sportsman second. Mental cases, not afraid to switch the board room for an E.R. every once in a while. You get my grasp.

What’s also interesting, is the fact that Ken understands what drives modern teens and that gives him the opportunity to translate that into hard dollars as he explains below:

“Even a brand like Vans or Nike, they’re doing it in ways that really are counterproductive to what people thought in the past would work. Those brands do everything, they sell everywhere. Vans and Nike are both sold in JC Penney’s and who would think a brand that sold at JC Penney’s would still be cool to a core consumer and a core skateboard retailer today? Well, they’re doing it and it proves that as long as you can send the right messages to the right people you can pull off some pretty interesting business moves. It’s the same thing that we do today, and every brand in our market really does – you have to continue marketing in the right way, to the right people, with the right messages. It’s pretty easy to fuck up, but there are ways to find the right paths.”

One of the essential aspects that brought Ken to his current level is the fact he loves to show off his mad driving skills. Its these skills he has lately been showing off while driving a good old Ford Fiesta ;) We mentioned the first clip to promote his new ride already a while back, but thought we ought to make a little round-up as the second one was released earlier this week.

Part 1, which was fittingly called The Music Video Infomercial, features OOTB favorites The Cool Kids performing an original track “Clicking”.

Part 2 was  shot in France, at l’Autodrome de Linas, which is a 1.58 mile oval race track. Built way back in 1924 it has banks at a 51 degree angle, more than double the standard incline of your average NASCAR racing tracks.

Bare in mind that the previous gymkhana videos have been viewed by more than 70 million viewers worldwide. That’s massive and an advertisers wet dream. Out.


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