Yesterday I read a book

Ever since I got a Kindle I have been getting all kinds of questions and remarks from people around me. Besides the relevant ones I also get a lot of “Is that an iPad?!” from people on the train or all kind of other remarks by regular buffoons. Can not really blame them as it is not an every day household good yet (although it should be).

Once you have told people what it is and they can grasp the concept of an e-book they usually ask if its handy? The question which then usually follows is ‘What do you expect it to do for you?‘, as many people think its an online/digital magic wonder machine. Needless to say you end up disappointing them time and time again as it simply is an e-reader, an electronic book in a plastic cover, that doesn’t weigh tons and easily fits in your pocket. They then usually go on to ask why didn’t you buy an iPad instead? Well, frankly my dear, because it does not appeal to me at all and you should not compare them.

You then go on to tell them that if they are a regular reader and don’t feel the need to collect a huge in-house library across uncountable bookshelves or cartboard boxes in the attic, that you would suggest they get themselves a kindle. Its extremely user friendly and anyone can read with it at cheaper prices. Besides that you can also do other stuff with it and you don’t even have to leave your house for it, saving bookshop frustrations and petrol! Economical in every way :D and you often have a lot more choice, finding the books you actually want to read, at lower prices.

What you will especially like about it, is the fact that its always in hands reach and that you are able to use is in any position (this sounds so weird). Where a paperback needs to be folded open and kept held in a certain hand/finger coordinated pose the Kindle can be held between your thumb and index finger. You can also choose to hold it in the palm of your hand and flick to the next page by simply pressing one of the many provided buttons. Have I said its extremely ergonomical?!

In my personal case, I saw a drawback from reading throughout the years I left school and ever since I bought the Kindle I have realised that I have seen a significant rise in reading time :D Hooray for me and hooray for Amazon as I have found the joy of reading once again.

If you have any questions just shoot.

If you want further in-depth information I suggest you have a look here
or even here.

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