Siberian Education

Finished reading Siberian Education by Nicolai Lilin which in my opinion is a must read if you are into non-fictional books.

The small republic of Transnistria, which declared its independence in 1990 but has never been recognised, is a remote part of Russia in which a community of honest criminals settled years ago. It is in this (post)communist region that Nicolai grew up and the book gives us the story of his upbringing within Siberian criminal culture. By the age of six, Lilin was given his first pike knife by an uncle and by the age of twelve he has been convicted of attempted murder.

A confronting story of an underworld where he got some hands on experience running through the ranks as a kid and young adolescent as he lived according to the tradition of Siberian Education in which violence, crime and an unique code of honour play a central part of life.

Nicolai gives a mix of his story while drifting of into other tales of his grandfathers, uncles and important figures within his life. He gives us an idea of the stuff he would get caught up in and how at the heart lay a long tradition. 

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