Bonobo – First Fires

Great video for Bonobo’s First Fires. 

Mykki Blanco – Feeling Special

Wild for the Night

Holdin On

Sweater Beats – MLLN DLLR

Mykki Blanco – Kingpinning

New video by Mykki Blanco. Single from his Cosmic Angel Mixtape which you can download here:

Bonobo – Cirrus


Attended the Henry Van De Velde Awards & Labels in BXL last week. Belgium’s finest design awards. Read Sstrid’s blog for a more detailed background, … [dutch].

Saw a bunch of nice & local work. The Quinny Jet by Studio Peter van Riet for instance or the Nomad solar lamp (our personal favorite btw). Check them out!

Quinny Jett – mobility concept from Studio Peter Van Riet.




Food for Thought II


Randomness fills my life. Food for thought. Part deux. My 37 cents. Actually counted my money and literally have 37 cents in my pocket right now. Can’t help but wonder where all my money went?!

On that matter, how come I find myself digging for spare change just to pay the grocer… or lets be honest, the pizza delivery guy. Time and time again.

In Belgium we have this thing called a SIS-card. Something to do with your medical history and a reference for getting drugs at the pharmacy. Sometimes also works as a ‘student card’ for purchasing certain tickets, … while abroad. Think about it. Try it if you reckon you still look young enough. Student fares are nice and in case they ask just say you’re studying ‘sciences’.

“Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.” 1994 called, they want their disclaimer back. We all know how mail signatures come in all shapes and size. Signatures that are an image are a no go though. You have nice and and you have useful. Using an image is not useful, definitely not very mobile.

Porn gives young people an unrealistic and unhealthy idea of how quickly a plumber will come to your house. 

Random Acts of Kindness? The people at Lego got how that works.

How come Twitter always suggests me “people to follow/similar to” whom I deliberately don’t want to follow?

Some people actually can lick their elbow. Acrobats!

Probably stated the obvious here so just move along.

Real Skifi Episode 8